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Building Custom AngularJS Filters


In recent months I’ve really started to get excited about Angular filters! I know – living the dream right? Straight out of the box, Angular provides some pretty cool filters such as orderBy which lets you order an array or

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AngularJS Workshop – Friday 10th April

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I’m a lot more than slightly excited to announce that I will be running my first full-day AngularJS Fundamentals workshop in April! The workshop is happening on Friday 10th April in Bristol, and will be run in conjunction with Develop

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Formatting Dates in AngularJS

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Here’s a cheeky little trick for you – if you have a date property that you want to format in your view, you can use this simple bit of AngularJS markup to do just that: {{MyObject.MyDate | date:"dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm"}} This

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Simple AngularJS Lists

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I like lists. No hang on – I LOVE lists! And luckily for me, creating lists of things in AngularJS is pretty straight forward, and incredibly useful to have in your code toolbox! In this post I’m going to run

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Debugging JSON in an AngularJS application

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So when you query an API or Web service and it chucks you back a load of JSON, you now need to figure out the structure of that data to work it into your AngularJS template. This can sometimes be

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