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Adding classes with AngularJS

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So I’ve just added a nice bit of functionality to getTestr, where you can test a website from the homepage without being registered or logged in. When the website url is entered, getTestr goes off and tests the website, displaying

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Ajax spinners and why they are essential

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I was having a conversation with another developer last week who was of the opinion that Ajax spinners (those little circles that spin round while a web page page is loading) are a waste of time. His view was that

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AngularJS basics – code samples

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I did a talk/demo last night at Bristol FED about AngularJS. The live demo went pretty well considering I was using a Macbook booted to Windows, with Visual Studio 2011 and no Resharper! It was a great night with some

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Maintaining session info in AngularJS when you refresh the page

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EDIT: This article has proved to be the most popular article on my site, but I thought it was a bit “rambly” and also the code examples were out of date. So this is the March 2016 Remix with added

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Binding Razor forms to an AngularJS model with Html.TextBoxFor()

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I was hooking up my login page work with angular, but wanted to keep the MVC model authentication (because it works and I like it). So I tried this: @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.userName, new { ng-model = “logon.userName” }) Surprisingly this

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