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Continuous Integration with Azure websites and TFS


So you’ve set up your new project and you’ve checked it into TFS, the next thing you’ll want to do is publish it to an Azure website! It’s pretty simple to set this up, and here’s how:   1. Log

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Adding a project to Team Foundation Service


Over the weekend I spent a few hours building a demo web application, and I wanted to deploy it to an Azure website. So I set up a Team Foundation Service project, and a new Azure website linked to that

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Working with SVN is made easier with AnkhSVN


One of the biggest problems I’ve experienced with using a Windows Explorer-based SVN tool such as TortoiseSVN, is that newly added files are often forgotten when you commit your changes. This is because when you’re using Visual Studio, adding a

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Useful Visual Studio shortcuts


I love keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio, and can sometimes spend ages trying to work out new ones because in the end they save me time and increase my productivity! Even though I’m a relatively new software developer, I’m constantly

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