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Stop Bootstrap alerts being removed from the DOM with AngularJS

So I was just working on a few updates to getTest (well actually a total re-write to be honest, introducing loads of great new features and functionality! Sign up to my mailing list if you’re interested in hearing when it’s

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Building Custom AngularJS Filters

In recent months I’ve really started to get excited about Angular filters! I know – living the dream right? Straight out of the box, Angular provides some pretty cool filters such as orderBy which lets you order an array or

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Adding custom domain names to Azure CDN

The Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) service is a pretty awesome feature which enables you to serve your website content to an end-user from the closest geographical server to them, decreasing load times and cutting down on general internet traffic

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Manually trigger a database update after upgrading Umbraco

So here’s the scenario. You’ve just upgraded Umbraco in your development project to the latest version using NuGet (because why would you do it any other way?). You’ve built the solution, you visit the website and see this screen: You

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New things I learned today part 2 – Azure WebJobs ignore app.config transforms

I recently posted a two-part article about getting started with Azure WebJobs and was raving about how awesome they are. In a WebJob I built for my current project (which is about to finish so contact me if you want

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