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Stop Bootstrap alerts being removed from the DOM with AngularJS

So I was just working on a few updates to getTest (well actually a total re-write to be honest, introducing loads of great new features and functionality! Sign up to my mailing list if you’re interested in hearing when it’s

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Building Custom AngularJS Filters

In recent months I’ve really started to get excited about Angular filters! I know – living the dream right? Straight out of the box, Angular provides some pretty cool filters such as orderBy which lets you order an array or

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Azure Webjobs Part 2 – building an Azure Webjob

As I mentioned in part one of this 2-part “straight to TV” drama, Azure Webjobs are pretty awesome! They’re Scheduled Tasks without the secrecy. They’re Azure Worker Processes without the cost! You can host them on Azure for free as

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Azure Webjobs part 1 – using Azure Storage Message Queues

Azure WebJobs are pretty amazing! They’re similar to Azure Worker Processes but with a couple of differences. First they can be triggered by an action – this action is usually the addition of a message to an Azure Message Storage

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Umbraco – The GetPreValues Method Using Datatype Name

PreValues are the data values stored in Umbraco datatypes, such as a Dropdown list or a Checkbox list. If you use such a datatype (e.g. a pre-populated dropdown list) in your Umbraco installation, and you’re retrieving your Umbraco data from

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