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Building Custom AngularJS Filters

In recent months I’ve really started to get excited about Angular filters! I know – living the dream right? Straight out of the box, Angular provides some pretty cool filters such as orderBy which lets you order an array or

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Azure Webjobs Part 2 – building an Azure Webjob

As I mentioned in part one of this 2-part “straight to TV” drama, Azure Webjobs are pretty awesome! They’re Scheduled Tasks without the secrecy. They’re Azure Worker Processes without the cost! You can host them on Azure for free as

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Simple JQuery Copyright Year script

How many websites do you see that have a copyright line with last year in it?! It’s just a sign of a lazy web developer who can’t be bothered either to update it every year, or (much better) add a

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Simple AngularJS Lists

I like lists. No hang on – I LOVE lists! And luckily for me, creating lists of things in AngularJS is pretty straight forward, and incredibly useful to have in your code toolbox! In this post I’m going to run

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Debugging JSON in an AngularJS application

So when you query an API or Web service and it chucks you back a load of JSON, you now need to figure out the structure of that data to work it into your AngularJS template. This can sometimes be

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