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Building Custom AngularJS Filters

In recent months I’ve really started to get excited about Angular filters! I know – living the dream right? Straight out of the box, Angular provides some pretty cool filters such as orderBy which lets you order an array or

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How to create a WordPress child theme

Creating a child theme for WordPress is pretty simple to do, and allows you to add customised styles and pages to your WordPress blog without hacking around with the actual theme itself. By doing this it means you can upgrade

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4 developers and 1 CSS file

I recently had the interesting experience of working in a team of 4 front-end developers, building components for one of our websites. We started off all writing to the same CSS file, and with 4 people updating and committing the

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Nice file upload button dude!

A simple way of making a truly awesome looking file upload button using simple CSS and JQuery.

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